Till Heeg & Neus Abella

Thai Yoga Massage is a dialogue without words where communication happens through mindful touch and attentive listening happens through our hands.

Our wish is it to bring love to the community. That is what we need as humans to heal our pain and to grow in a natural way. Authentic love, free of religion, free of politics, free of any form of duality and separation. Our wish is it to share the four states of True Love: Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (sympathetic joy), Uppeka (equanimity and freedom).

There are times in life when everything seems to slip out of your hands, when you are loosing the control of what is happening to you. To know that there is something higher than the individual consciousness, to know that whatever you do has no importance in the bigger picture of life, takes the weight from your shoulders and gives you the possibility to surrender.

In the beginning of all life, there was Silence. There was a moment of Stillness. Everything what comes after, brings us away from our True Self. Every thought, emotion and every action which is not meeting the point of silence, creates a new layer between the “I” and the person we think we are. Our wish is it to find the way back to the essence of life. Less reacting, more acting from the center of silence.

Be Present much as you can, enjoy just to be. For all of us there are moments of pain, sadness and suffering and times in life when love, happiness and laughter are taking part. Be aware of all your emotions, thoughts and feelings, but be careful not to identify with them. To be able to bring true light and love in your life detachment is needed and then the light will shine through.


Saturday, October 13
15:00 – Thai Massage

Sunday, October 14
15:00 – Thai Massage