Online event aimed at knowing and igniting in you the qualities of your Master Self, such as wisdom, love, will, discernment, acceptance, freedom, intuition, purity, harmony, commitment and power.

A total of 44 main attributes based on inspiration from Peggy Phoenix Dubro, founder of EMF Balancing.

A total of 44 recognized yoga teachers will participate in this event such as Andrei Ram, David Swanson, Ana Forrest, Cristi Christensen, Rose Erin, Jai Sugrim, Renata Spironello, Sandra Howling, Gustavo Plaza, Yiannis Andritsos, Amitai Cohen, Twee Merrigan, etc.

Free event for the first 1000 registered.

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    Global Yoga Congress Madrid 2019


    Entry valid during the 3 days of the Global Yoga Congress Madrid
    (November 15, 16 & 17, 2019).

    Andrei Ram
    Kat Chareon
    Sylvie Tremblay
    Katya Devi
    Jordi Canela Om Ram


    November 15


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