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The universal language of yoga: discover the teachers of the Global Yoga Congress

28 September, 2018 856

Greece, Russia, Colombia, USA, Israel, London … the teachers of the Global Yoga Congress speak a single language: that of yoga; but all of them with the dialect of their culture.

The guru says that there are as many styles or practices of yoga as there are yogis in the world, and all of them share millenary knowledge that has been adapted little by little (with greater or lesser resistance) to the reality of each moment.

Nowadays just watch the schedule of any yoga studio to see an immensity of styles, some labeled with a new name, and some brave ones have gone even beyond to create yoga styles that combine other aspects resulting in styles like acroyoga or yoga for children. But they all have something in common, which is a philosophy and a great respect for the practice of yoga in any of its manifestations. Just as a yoga practice can vary depending on the seasons of the year or even the lunar cycle, it also varies according to the culture of each practitioner, which enriches yoga on many levels, not just the spiritual level, but culturally as well. This results in a very inspiring combination in which each teacher offers the best of themselves beyond the practice of asana, meditation or pranayama.

In the Global Yoga Congress we suggest to look beyond a lineage or a style and we take our bet on different methodologies of teaching yoga, from the most traditional or faithful to the guru to teachers who go for innovation and even introduce live music with a DJ during the sessions. Looking closely at the history and experience of each of the instructors with whom we will have the opportunity to practice during the days of the Global Yoga Congress is to see years of practice, devotion to yoga, passion and enthusiasm, which have resulted in the power to inspire practitioners from all over the world to continue on the path of sadhana.

Cristi Christensen, for example, is a professional gymnast who had made it to participate in the Olympic diving team in the United States. After an injury, Cristi discovered pilates and yoga which is when she began her more holistic approach to the world of fitness. Cristi is considered one of the yoginis who has laid the foundations of yoga in the Western world from the direction of the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in California.

Camilo García decided to unite his knowledge as a musician to his passion for yoga to found the musical project Bhakta Project, a musical initiative that fuses mantras with modern music. Through his practice of self-knowledge through yoga, Camilo also came into contact with the indigenous ancestral wisdom of South America and dictates yoga class according to the lineage of his teachers Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram.

Any yoga student will know the teacher BKS Iyengar, creator of a style that seeks perfect alignment and that all asanas are accessible to any practitioner. All this through the use of aids such as blocks or belts so that everyone can enjoy the healing properties of each posture. Teacher Alexis Simon has been dedicated to the teaching of Yoga Iyengar for over 25 years after having studied in India for 7 years. He is currently the director and founder of the Iyengar Yoga Study Center in Brussels.

But yoga is not only asana practice, it also includes the path of knowledge (Gnana), which is why in the Global Yoga Congress we also have a large offer of workshops and lectures on theory and philosophy of yoga. Mohini is a yogini with more than 20 years of experience offering the ins and outs of the theoretical knowledge of yoga; she has been trained at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in India and has studied Sanskrit grammar at the Institute Devavani. Currently, she directs an advanced philosophy course for yoga teachers in Tenerife and teaches Hatha.

All the teachers who will be present at the Global Yoga Congress have their particular approach to the practice of yoga and the teaching of this millenary practice that has been passed on to this day. Discover all the teachers of this 2nd edition of the Global Yoga Congress and study the program to organize your days of the Congress according to the sessions you wish to attend.


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