Heir to the lineage of Larry Shultz, Ana Forrest, and Sri Dharma Mittra, her goal is to guide others so they too can experience the many amazing benefits of yoga on body, mind, and soul.
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Sandra teaches the primary, intermediate and opening part of the third series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She has been practicing yoga since 2001, studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with John Scott since 2002, and teaching since 2007.
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Jordi Canela

Om Ram

With a multidisciplinary background, he has understood the need to learn different disciplines and styles of yoga in order to be able to adapt yoga to the varied needs of his students.
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Surya Devi

Inspired by the practice of Dharma Yoga, her way of sharing stems from her deep devotion to Yoga and the essence of her soul: Ahimsa and love.
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Pati Peguero

Chandra Devi

She enjoys sharing her vision of Yoga as a way of life and being a channel through which the philosophy of yoga and its pillars reach any student in a pleasant but precise way.
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Passionate about dance, she came into contact with yoga in 2004. Yoga One teacher, teaches Dharma Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and D-Gravity.
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Alexis Racionero Ragué has a doctorate in art history and a degree in geography and history. Gestalt therapist, generative coach and Kundalini yoga teacher.
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Consol Rodríguez is the author and teacher of live food and raw vegan cuisine; graduated in the Lifestyle and Medicinal Protocol of the HippocratesmHealth Institute of Florida (Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Protocol).
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Jessica Gibba discovered the practice of yoga at the age of 29 in 2012 on the magical island of Formentera, Balearic Islands, together with teachers Yiannis Andritsos from the Dharma yoga lineage, Eva Oller from Ashtanga yoga and Olga Pakriti.
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Born in Barcelona in 1968. He studied Law and Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and received a doctorate in Philosophy with a doctoral thesis on the Origin of Celestial Hierarchies. He was part of the Rosicrucian School for twenty-five years and collaborated in the creation of the Rosicrucian Library.
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Spanish musician born in Barcelona in 1980. His experience of life and inner truth leads him to become involved in music therapy and healing sounds.
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My love afair with yoga began over a decade ago with Ashtanga. I fell under the spell of the physical aspect (previous misconceptions of yoga being slow and boring were quickly put to rest!), which allowed me to reconnect with my body and its movement.
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She lived 3 years in India, between Pune and Varanasi, where she studied Sanskrit and classical texts at the university and with teachers of the tradition. She made stays in various ashrams where she learned yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and vedanta.
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Joana Masó is a Physical Education teacher, trained in Hatha Yoga in India and Barcelona. She discovered inversions and partner acrobatics at the circus school of Rogelio Rivel.
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Devoted practitioner and teacher of Hatha Raja and Kriya Yoga, dedicates her life completely to spiritual practices and to transmit the knowledge of healing through Yoga and Meditation.
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Born among Yogis, since his childhood he has been accompanied by teachers. Trained in traditional Chinese medicine and sound healing, he has explored different instruments and songs from around the world to express the devotion of Bhakti.
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Jerome Burdi is a Certified 800 Hour Dharma Yoga Teacher from New York City. He practiced with Sri Dharma Mittra for almost seven years and taught at the Dharma Yoga Center for 3,5 years. She now lives in Barcelona and teaches immersions and trainings for masters and all levels in yoga schools around the world.
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Yoga entered Barbara’s life at a time when she was going through major changes in her life. It was a discovery of herself, which helped her see the light through the darkness. She is a specialist in lunar practices with yin and her solar teaching comes from the Hatha Raja lineage.
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Dedicated her whole life to moving and making people move. Trained in dance, interpretation and personal growth, she uses all her tools to accompany the transformation of people through movement sessions. To connect with freedom and celebrate life!
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I live and feel the beauty of life as a dynamic act of dying and being reborn, of transformation, of learning to flow with the constant loving movement that the universe offers us for creative exchange and thus be able to be available to the changes that life presents to us.
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* The presence of yoga teachers is subject to possible minor changes.