Sylvie Tremblay

Sylvie Tremblay has more than 30 years of practice and twenty years of yoga teaching under her belt. She teaches internationally and has held numerous seminars and training retreats in Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. She received in 2008 the title of Yogacharia (Master in Yoga) by the International Yoga Federation and the French Federation federal fiscal year for her work and her years of teaching, as well as the Saraswati Grand Prize of the direction of the best school of French yoga in America.

She is known in Quebec for her daily show Absolument Yoga and her successful DVDs of the same name. Internationally, it appeared in 2013 on the cover of the prestigious International Yoga Journal.

His numerous trips to India and studied under the guidance of Swami Muktananda (Siddha Yoga) within the Shivananda schools, Bihar School of India, Vinyasa Yoga Sri Dharma Mittra (New York) and, more recently, Asana Andiappan for Therapeutic Research ( India) Ayurvedic application of asana health (300 hours) led her to develop a style where the power of physical labor is combined with the depth of the spiritual journey made. Mystical, creative, inspired, each of the classes and formations that she directs is an experience for the soul and the body.

In 2005, he received the name Sri Om of Anandamayi from Mahavatar, the great teacher of India after having reintroduced the divine science of Kriya Yoga into the modern world.

She is the mother of two children and joined her husband before Amma Amritapuri (India), a relationship that has lasted more than 20 years.