Aina Clusellas

Aina Clusellas, with the spiritual name Surya Devi, completed the 500h Yoga Teacher Training under the teachings of Jordi Canela at YogaOne, obtaining the international title of yoga teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance. From here, she continued her training specializing in Dharma Hatha Raja Yoga, with different teachers from around the world as references (including Sri Dharma Mittra), which allowed her to go even deeper and continue to grow in the path of yoga.

She immediately started giving yoga classes in Barcelona as a Hatha, Dharma, Vinyasa and meditation teacher, combining it with her professional occupation as manager and web programmer in her own company.

Currently, after having become a mother, Aina continues to teach yoga classes and train day by day, in addition to attending different intensive workshops, training, yoga events and being part of the organization of the Global Yoga Congress since 2018.

Inspired by the practice of Dharma Yoga and based on the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga, her classes are dynamic and adapted to all levels. She explains in detail each asana, from its base to the advanced variations, and she dedicates herself to her students from humility, assisting them at all times to help them progress in their practice, always working on concentration and the mind-body-soul union. through conscious breathing and the chanting of mantras. Her way of sharing is born from her deep devotion to yoga and her soul essence: Ahimsa and love.