Olga Oskorbina

Olga Oskorbina is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and studio owner in Barcelona.

Initially from Russia, Olga had an opportunity to immigrate to the USA. Determined to “make it” in life, to live up to the American dream and the capitalist notion of success, Olga studied MBA to become a financial analyst. In order to stay healthy and fit, living a demanding lifestyle, Olga started going to the gym where she discovered yoga. Initially attracted by the physical benefits it had to offer, over time Olga discovered a passion for its philosophical and spiritual aspects.

After doing a Jivamukhti teacher training, Olga has also found a passion for teaching it to others too, which is exactly what she does for the past 7 years, alongside her husband and a group of dedicated students.

Combining knowledge drawn from Jivamukti Yoga and Vipasana meditation, Olga is grateful for the opportunity to share the teachings and learn from other yogis and yoginis. Bringing asana practice, chanting, meditation and spiritual insights together on the principle that yoga is a path to liberation through love and compassion for all beings, Olga is continuing to pass on the teachings shared with her by her teachers.