Manu Om

Thanks to his teacher Bhagavan, the path of Bhakti Yoga was ignited within him and permanent contact with Advaita Vedanta. Through Him he receives inspiration.

Manu Om was born in the fall of 2007. Little by little the mantras begin to arrive. They sprout the fruit of love to Bhagavan. Five years later, after countless songs and the recording of a demo (un Canto al Guru), the first two projects were born under the label of “Manu Om Mina”. They are recorded in Varanasi with the help of Lucas Masciano, Mina Petersson, Paco Zarate, Sukhdev Mishra, Pancaj Ray and Atul Sankar. “Mere Gurudev” and “I love Sadhana” open new horizons and the project materializes with forcefulness.

In the repertoire, mantras alternate with prayers from the Sikh Dharma (Gurmuki) and the Hindu (Sanskrito). Both paths offer in their practice the song and the sweetness of Bhakti (devotion).

On the mother’s side I receive the inheritance of Kundalini Yoga. A lineage with a young movement (born in the 60’s in the USA by the hand of Yogi Bhajan) but with roots deeply anchored in the path of the Sikh Dharma.

In parallel, I belong to the lineage of Bhagavan. Illuminated teacher from northern India. Through Him I receive inspiration.

Thanks to Bhagavan, the path of Bhakti Yoga and the permanent contact with Advaita Vedanta are within me. But above all, the bond of love between devotee and teacher is born.


Friday, October 12
09:30 – Dharma Yoga & Bhakti with Ambra Vallo

14:00 – Kirtan

Saturday, October 13
14:00 – Kirtan

Sunday, October 14

09:30- Bhakti Yoga. Yoga y Amor
19:30 – Dharma Yoga & Kirtan with Katya Devi & Jordi Om Ram