Kira Cabrera

Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, trained in circus arts and Yoga.

From a young age she feels attracted to nutrition and body arts, this leads her to study Nutrition in the university and in parallel and in the years that follow she decides to go deeper into the circus and dance body arts and later Yoga.

During those years of training more focused on physical practice, she begins to investigate and experiment with what we eat and how we eat it and how it directly influences our state of health and our athletic performance, marking her way of seeing The nutrition.

Today, she is actively working as a nutritionist in Barcelona, where she also develops several food dissemination and education projects, through workshops, retreats and seminars. For both groups and individually.

“I believe that life is a constant learning, that there is no absolute truth, that each of us is a” world “with our needs and it is in our hands to learn to listen and observe with calm, patience and respect.”