Katya Devi

Katya’s love of the clear, broad world of creative thought accompanied her in life, giving a capacity for a detached and objective observation of existence and greater insight into human behavior. Her intensely active imagination always injects into ordinary circumstances an aura of meaning, potential and purpose without which daily life can be inconsequential and sometimes suffocating. The great strength of her nature lies in well-developed relationship to the creative power of the unconscious, which allows to look into the future and envisage potentials which are not immediately apparent in the present.

From the childhood Katya used to escape to her highly active fantasy-world where her mind dwelled in more loftier ethereal realms. She has been highly sensitive person who was never wholly comfortable within the limits and boundaries of material life and has been always craving the Good, the True, the Beautiful and God. There was always a deep longing to merge with something greater and more transcendent – a union with someone or something which can enfold so absolutely that she no longer needs to feel aloneness, confusion, conflict or separateness.

All this wondering brought her into the world of Yoga and passion for this practice was born when she first met her spiritual teacher Sri Andrei Ram. This merging was like a promise to get back home at the end of the weary journey.

Through the lineage of her Teacher and through Kriya Yoga she discovered magic of the inner journey and devoted her life entirely to the spiritual practices and now spends most of the time sharing the knowledge of healing through Yoga & Meditation.

Deep appreciation of all creative forms which express human aspiration toward the Divine is a vehicle in Katya’s clases to seek that inner experience of boundlessness which we all crave.

During classes specifically selected series of asanas, purifying breathing techniques and meditation are used to help the body to release physical, emotional and mental tensions, and facilitates more graceful flow through life with more awareness and ease. Practice turns into a constant exploration of remote areas of the consciousness which awakens many pieces that conform us, and permits to move the mind and heart to the limit of their abilities. Her hope is that, in some way, the insights of the teachings will lead fellow seekers of the truth to a more satisfying spiritual journey, and a life more reflective of their true Self.