Kat Chareon

« It’s not touching your toes that counts, it’s the trip down »

My love afair with yoga began over a decade ago with Ashtanga.
I fell under the spell of the physical aspect (previous misconceptions
of yoga being slow and boring were quickly put to rest!), which
allowed me to reconnect with my body and its movement.
At frst, it just felt good! It was my moment for me to breathe and
move with consciousness in my body.
Little by little, the practice of asana opened the door to a whole
other facet far beyond the body, the undeniable link between body
mind and soul: « treat your body well so that your soul wants to
reside there ».
My body was like a vessel that helped guide my mind through
murky waters, allowing me to explore the unchartered territory
within, to discover and accept what I found and ultimately to open
me up to seeing new horizons.
That’s when I understood clearly (and got the courage) to let go of a
15yr career, in which I was unhappy.
It’s this ever evolving journey that continues to help me grow and
surprises me everyday that makes me want to share and transmit
what I’ve learnt and what I will continue to learn.