Joan Condal

Buddhist Acharya Master by the Mahajrya tradition.

Spanish musician born in Barcelona in 1980. His experience of life and inner truth leads him to become involved in music therapy and healing sounds. His specialty is the mantras and the opening of the heart through the sacred songs, offering an experience of connection with the true essence. He has performed in countries like Usa, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Denmark, Mexico, Colombia, India…

Mi life took me always to experience new challenges. For me, spirituality is embracing any manifestation of life. All in this creation is an opportunity to enjoy and experience. After mastering different healing disciplines, my passion for music and healing lead me to study sound therapy. Oneness movement, Amma Bhagavan and Maha Vajra, came to me as a gift and I contribute with my music and heart to spread the message of freedom through music and counciouness.
“Music is a language of communion with our soul, where we come home and we experience a deep connection with our higher being”