Suzanne Powell

Nativa de Irlanda del Norte y afincada actualmente en Madrid.

Con un pronóstico médico nada favorable decidió que iba a seguir su corazón con la absoluta certeza de que le esperaba un milagro que iba a poder compartir con el mundo entero. Así lo pudo comprobar y disfrutar con la inocencia de una niña traviesa. Sus 58 años, intensos de experiencias, pueden servir de esperanza para muchas personas que en estos momentos necesitan una chispa de ilusión y optimismo. Su mensaje es conciso y claro “si yo puedo, tú puedes. Solo hazlo!”

Presidenta y fundadora de la Fundación Zen Servicio con Amor.
Autora de 10 libros.
Conferenciante internacional.
Instructora de los Cursos Zen.
Especialista en temas de nutrición, alimentación y el bienestar.
Canal de YouTube Ponencias Zen.

Global Yoga Congress: the great yoga celebration in Barcelona

15 May, 2018

Both the most advanced practitioners and those who are just beginning have an important meeting on October 12, 13 and 14 in Barcelona, ​​in a great party that this year celebrates its second edition and whose main objective is to have the whole city vibrating with the energy and positivism of the yoga practice: the Global Yoga Congress.

This year, the festival – organized by YogaOne – aims to bring this age-old discipline to people who have just started to practice and, at the same time, becoming an ideal setting for the most advanced practitioners to continue deepening in certain aspects of their practice while offering different suggestions and styles.

For this reason, GYC 2018 will offer a wide program open to practitioners of all levels, with classes taught by renowned teachers, mostly international. Adjustments, alignments, variations, progressions, sequences, introductory workshops, pranayama … A festival designed to promote the benefits of yoga and enrich your practice.

Thus, the festival will feature figures such as Andrei Ram, Yoshio Hama, Twee Merrigan, Cristi Christensen, Sylvie Tremblay, Yiannis Andritsos, Camilo García, Eyal Shifroni, Simon Park, Alexis Simon, Eva Oller, Gustavo Plaza, Kai Hitzer, Jason Nemer, Jai Sugrim, Ambra Vallo, Fabio Filippi and Mirian Alonso, among others. And, apart from classes, we will also provide spaces for dialogue with the teachers so that they can share their teachings and help you practice yoga in your daily life, beyond the mat.

On the other hand, in the GYC there will also be special meditation sessions in which different techniques will be addressed, and Kirtan, the ancient song of mantras in Sanskrit in the form of a call-response that offers us a fantastic way to silence the fluctuations of the mind and bring the attention to our inner being.

And as for the music, we will have performances by artists such as Ravi Ramoneda and Manu Om, with an inaugural concert by the band Bhakta Project on October 11.

We remind you that the Global Yoga Congress will open with a Pre Congress on September 15 and 16 – which will include teachers of YogaOne and DiR – and will close with a Post Congress on November 10 and 11, with teachers from various yoga studios in Barcelona. We will soon provide details about the content of both events!