Fernanda Montoya

Fernanda Montoya Rincón is a Dentist from the University of the Andes-Venezuela and has a degree in Dentistry from the University of Barcelona-Spain. Specialized in: Forensic dentistry (UCV), gold-facial pain (Paris V) and clinical periodontics (Clinic Aparicio-University of Gothenburg). She practiced dentistry for 15 years, basing her practice on oral surgery and periodontics.

Trained and certified as an Ayurvedic Health Educator by the American Institute of Vedic Studies and Yoga Nidra Instructor with Yoga Alliance certification.

She is the creator of TNEq Ayurveda & Yoga, a platform that aims to link the relationship between Ayurveda and Yoga and bring both wisdoms to daily life for the self-realization of Being.

Currently she is dedicated to teaching Ayurveda, to expand her relationship with yoga and teaches individualized sessions to adapt the day-to-day life of people to an Ayurvedic lifestyle that by hand of yoga gives them integral well-being.

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