Fabio Filippi

Fabio’s curiosity drove him to travel extensively to remote regions of the world, to find inspiration from people and cultures, while continuously maturing his inner awareness and enriching him with a multitude of experiences. With his backpack and camera always ready, Fabio seeks to seize the unique moments of life as it happens – cultures, religions, people, and countries – reinforcing his belief that exploring the world is the school of life ‘par excellent’, and traveling the best conduit to learning.

During his stay in Nepal, spending most of his time  learning from Buddhist monks, he perceived to have lived there before. His experience in the Himalayas deepened his understanding of samsara, which changed his way of thinking and looking at the world.

A devoted disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra, Fabio’s journey of enrichment continues through Dharma’s spiritual guidance, practicing daily, sharing classes and workshops of Hatha Raja Yoga. Always enthusiastic and fond of visual communication, Fabio continues working as a photographer and visual designer.