Consol Rodriguez

Consol Rodríguez is the author and teacher of live food and raw vegan cuisine; graduated in the Lifestyle and Medicinal Protocol of the HippocratesmHealth Institute of Florida (Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Protocol).

She is the author of the books Raw Food Anti-aging. The kitchen of longevity, health, vitality, awareness and beauty (Ediciones Urano, 2106) and Bread with cheese and other 100% vegetable recipes for a conscious and vitalizing day to day (Ediciones Urano, 2018).

Thanks to the 100% plant-based live and a lifestyle change, she managed to reverse a serious autoimmune condition more than 10 years ago. Since then, she combines her professional practice as an artist and teacher with the dissemination of this lifestyle through collaborations in different schools of natural food and through collaborations with recognized periodic publications of health and food online and in print.

After healing, she started her first outreach project at the end of 2009, «Kijimuna’s Kitchen. Simple recipes with live foods »(, where she publishes and shares recipes and other articles of interest related to living food and the healing and medicinal properties of food.

Multidisciplinary training, creativity and art are an essential part of her lifestyle and this is demonstrated in her books and publications, where she is also the author of photography, styling and illustrations.

Yoga appeared years ago in her life as another key path to healing, and that is why yoga practice and teachings have been taking an increasingly important role in her life in which the healing of the body, mind, Heart and spirit go hand in hand.