Christy Repetto

Hi! I am Christy Repetto, Ayurveda therapist specialized in clinical nutrition focus on pathologies, pregnancy, child nutrition and to turn your life around!

My main purpose is to guide my patients in their right way to find their balance through nutrition, meditation, and sports, I am not a common therapist. If you want to change your life and you are willing to work for it, I’m waiting for you!

Who is Christy Repetto?
My whole life has been marked by my sports passion, but also for my mistakes and excesses in the past. In very early age I had to fight cancer disease twice. Life, sometimes, puts you obstacles but it also guides you, and in my toughest moments I discovered my passion for Ayurvedic nutrition.

Besides my sports training and education, I have coursed Ayurveda therapist studies and orthomolecular nutrition education. My life experience and my knowledge allow me to help my patients to change their lives through food, the relationship with sports and their spiritual balance.

My main goal is to help my patients achieve a simple, healthier, happier and conscious life!

I am not a common therapist, I go straight to the point and make my patient warriors who are able to reconquer their life.

If you are willing to start this journey and go for what you want, I’m waiting for you!

Christy Repetto, feel the balance.

What I offer to my patients is not a standard diet or a weight loss menu, it is a change of life habits to make them improves in every vital way.

I offer face-to-face and distance sessions.
Nutrition consultant
Clinical nutrition focus on pathologies
Child nutrition
Nutrition focus on fertility and pregnancy
Sports training for balance
Healthy lifestyle habits
Strength, vitality and positive energy