Cayetana Rodenas

She studied Dramatic Art, Dance and Teaching. Several years later, when he lived in Australia, yoga appeared in her life. She started practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow for several years until she decided to become a teacher at the Australasian Yoga Institute, Melbourne. There in Australia she was teaching classes in different centers and when her eldest daughter was born she wanted to adapt yoga to the youngest ages, to be able to practice with her since she was little. It was then that he did the training of Yogakids, with Marsha Wenig and Radiant Child Yoga Program with Shakta Kaur Khalsa.

When she returned to her hometown she opened her own Yoga center, in the neighborhood of Chamberí, where he taught for 7 years (Ashtanga, Dynamic Yoga, Pregnant Yoga, Yoga for moms and babies, Yoga for children, etc.), until she began to work for an international company giving yoga for kids training, being their representative in Europe and traveling through different countries for several years.

She has also participated in a television program, “Without leaving home”, presenting the Yoga section.

With the time and experience of all these years, she has created the Training course, Yoga & Kids, designed for all those who want to share yoga with children, and also focused on school teachers so that they can incorporate this wonderful discipline little by little as part of the curriculum in the classroom.

Cayetana is also trained in Unnata Aerial Yoga and Expert in Thai Massage and continues to receive courses from different disciplines to be able to offer it to her students. She continues to be involved in different areas of dance and body awareness, putting into practice “keep learning to continue teaching”.

All her passion for Yoga, arts, movement and teaching is what she hopes to continue sharing with her students (both little and big), to continue discovering together, the unique and special that we are each, coexisting but respecting our individuality within the society in which we live.

Finally, a highlight that the goal of teaching according Cayetana “is to open the eyes of the soul so that each one finds the essence and happiness that reside within us, and continue to offer the opportunity to connect and re-discover the knowledge that has always been there … hidden … inside each being.


Friday, October 12

09:30 – Introduction Yoga training Adolescents

Saturday, October 13

17:30 – Yoga with family

Sunday, October 14

12:00 – Introduction Yoga & Kids Training