Camilo Garcia

Camilo is a musician, practitioner and teacher of Yoga for more than 10 years, under the direct guidance of Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram.

Since his early age he was inspired by the possibility of self development you can find in music and constant practice. He got the chance to enter in contact with the stream of ancestral indigenous wisdom of South America. This growing yearning was what made possible the meeting with Dharma Mittra, Andrei Ram and the science of yoga to empower his spiritual journey.

He is also the creator and leader of Bhakta Project, a musical initiative that combines the ancestral wisdom of the Mantras with a modern musical language ( In recent years he has collaborated in the development of YogaVida ( and ShyamAshram ( in Cali, Colombia and is constantly giving workshops in Colombia, South America, Puerto Rico and Europe.


Friday, October 12

07:30 – Hatha Raja Yoga

15:00 – Dharma Yoga

Saturday, October 13

07:30 – Pranayama & Meditation

Sunday, October 14

12:00 – Hatha Raja Yoga

14:00 – Kirtan