Anna Pujol

Kundalini yoga teacher based in Barcelona.

Since I was a child I was a seeker, with an adventurous spirit and a tendency to experiment and for self-exploration. I never got to work in the field I decided to study, Advertising and Public Relations, because a desire to reconsider my direction invaded me. I was constantly trying to get closer to my own essence, and so I opted for cooperation and cultural management. For many years I collaborated, directed and organized projects related to art and human cooperation, both in South America and in Catalonia. However, there was something that kept my thirst for something more. Something more internal, easier, something that would respond to my personal concern. There were many approaches to different paths of exploration and personal growth, until Yoga crossed my path, in a class in the middle of the forest in New Zealand. It was love at first sight.

Unforgettable. Only a month and a half later I started the teacher training, guided by a longing of the soul, without knowing where exactly it was going to take me. And it took me a long way; these last years, yoga started to occupy more and more space in my life, until I found myself dedicated completely to it. My biggest gift was to discovering that Yoga could show me the most beautiful way to love, and to inner peace.

Yoga is a practice that connects me with my nature, with the authentic and truthfulness, where I can be myself and break free from mental concepts; making me aware of each one of my bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), revealing to me at what point of my life I currently am. A mirror without filter that shows my attitudes, my aptitudes and my results.

A meditation that brings me closer to the world and to those that cross my path, that teaches me real and honest communication. An openness to the acceptance of what is, and an opportunity to transform previously created boundaries.

Over the years, asanas and breathing are embraced more easily, meditation is even more conscious and my intuition has become stronger. This gives me wings to continue approaching what I believe every human should aspire: to be a living example in the Land of the Sacred, from the most human place possible, and from the highest known Consciousness.

I currently coordinate and teach classes as a trainer in the Kundalini Yoga teachers training with the Imagine Academy Barcelona. I co-organize yoga and ayurveda retreats, personal transformation workshops, and I am associated with different projects in the field of expansion of consciousness and the approach to the heart.

I continue practicing every morning on my matt, feeling that natural space full of calm and integrity.

As a human being, I am immersed in a permanent process of unlearning, and learning, development and personal change. I live my own path, and from there, I try to share the awakening to a coherent life with whom one IS, with simplicity and conscience as pillars. In a close and honest way, from where I am and from what I know.

With love,