Àngels López

She has been engaged in Yoga for 10 years. Actress and ex-dancer, combines the discipline of yoga with theatre. Certified by Yoga Alliance, she currently teaches Hatha Yoga and Yoga for children in Yoga One.

She started yoga with her first pregnancy, falling in love with what emanated from inside. “Then I had abandoned dance and yoga guided me to a new path.” After yoga for moms and babies, she continued her path in yoga training in various schools in Barcelona.

In her theatre classes for children, through storytelling, music and games she began to perceive the power that yoga had in them. She has taught yoga for children in schools in Barcelona, has used yoga during her trips as part of ONG in Nicaragua and Kosovo to children with limited resources being nurtured on their happiness and seeing how they took Yoga with a lot of passion.

For older adults, both teenagers and parents and mothers, the goal of yoga is to detach them from the barriers that society has imposed on them and return them to their own inner child, leaving them to investigate sleeping emotions, shame, fears and insecurities as adults. And it is simply a wonderful experience.