Andrei Ram

Andrei Ram-Om maintains the tradition of living the life of a Yogi, while living in the ordinary world. He has been ordained by Sri Dharma Mittra to continue passing the living Yoga practices and to share them with others worldwide.

From an early age, Andrei Ram had strong insights, visualizations and special experiences, which make him realized of the non-physical aspects of reality and divinity.

Many years of intense self-yoga practice and devoted dedication to serve his guru as full time karma yogi led him to became the senior teacher at Dharma Yoga Center for many years.

Following the unifying dharma to promote coalition of all yoga styles, back to its universal nature: Union, Oness, Yoga; he has had the chance to collaborate with other traditional lineages, through organizations such as: “The Art Of Living Foundation” of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, “The Self-Realization Fellowship” of Paramahansa Yogananda, and some others.

With unwavering loyalty to the traditional yogi lineage, Andrei Ram translates the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Science to the most contemporary way of living; offering effective tools from the mat practice to be useful in the “every day” living challenge. Andrei Ram travels the world leading Hatha Raja Yoga workshops, retreats and “Self Realization Immersion Courses”. Barcelona has been his benchmark in Europe since 2006.

Andrei Ram stands up daily to become an embodiment of dharma (righteous duty), that which upholds and supports for the sake of Ultimate Liberation for all living beings in Divine-Union.

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