Andrea Nutini

Hatha Yoga / Sivananda Yoga

My name is Andrea Nutini. I am originally from Bilbao. I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and for many years I worked in the audiovisual sector.

Yoga came by chance in my life initially as one more practice to move the body. I quickly decided to deepen my interest in Yoga following the intuition of the heart.

I began to practice regularly and began to live and manage my personal life according to and in tune with the teachings that yoga encompasses.

After a while I left a good stable job to be able to dedicate my time entirely to learn and travel.

My regular practice was developed in Yoga Studio Barcelona. A practice with the stillness and depth provided by hatha yoga and the ashtanga movement or a hatha yoga vinyasa.

I did my training at the Sivananda Yoga Center in Garopaba, Southern Brazil. A classic yoga with whose teachings I feel identified. I traveled and stayed at the Ashram Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari in Kerala (South India).

I’ve done numerous workshops in Bilbao, my hometown; in Madrid; Valencia and in Barcelona taking advantage of the international teachers that YogaOne always brings to this city.

I am currently immersed in a therapeutic Yoga training. I have a tremendous passion for Yoga, since it gives me a lot of satisfaction, and a keen sense of service to yoga practitioners. That is why I feel the need to adapt the practice to the different bodies and needs so that everyone can practice, take care of themselves and enjoy. Yoga gives health for a healthy body and healthy emotions.

In my personal commitment to contribute to the dissemination of Yoga by putting my grain of sand I like to remind the practitioner of the importance of the other aspects of yoga to take care of during classes and in daily life.

I feel grateful for the moments shared with my students with whom I learn and grow; and grateful to my teachers.