The international group Amayama offers an original and unique show. The concert show incorporates live music and a fusion of electroacoustic, dance choreography and vocals.

Malu Bus, born in Amsterdam in 1982, graduated with a Bachelor of Dance and trained in music, theater, and pilates in New York, Germany, Spain and France. She has collaborated and participated in several musicals (Tarzan, Disney production, National Opera (Amsterdam)), and the international group MAYUMANA.

Joem’s background includes time in the East learning meditation, tantra yoga and alternative therapies. He returned to the West and became well known as an urban dancer in Barcelona and throughout Europe.   Today he continues to study ayurveda, qigong, crystal therapy, solar consciousness, kundalini, ashtanga, laughter therapy and arun – conscious touch.


Sunday, October 14

20:00 – Concert and closing ceremony