Amanda Quiambao

I have many passions with movement. It first began with the flow arts, where I found freedom in expressing myself through dance, with the hula hoop and poi. I learned how to cultivate energy with the classical long style of Tai Chi from my father, a master in martial arts. Diving more into flow and movement, I began my yoga journey with Rocket Yoga in 2013. The dynamic practice became my passion, where I found stillness of the mind through complex asana. In 2014, I decided to change my life and move to the beautiful city of Barcelona, where I continue a daily Mysore practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Apart from studying asana, I discovered my love for philosophy and meditation throughout my travels in India.

I regularly assist and complete Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings with my mentor, David C. Kyle. This passion for yoga has also led me to dive deep into the world of AcroYoga. I am a certified Partner Acrobatics teacher, teaching Inversions and AcroYoga workshops. Every day I like to dedicate my time to mindful movement, as I believe it is a means for a full expression of self. I love to constantly learn and share my knowledge by expanding minds and helping people break out of their comfort zone.