Alexis Racionero

Alexis Racionero Ragué has a doctorate in art history and a degree in geography and history. Gestalt therapist, generative coach and Kundalini yoga teacher.

He trained with Karta Singh in Amritnam Sarovar (France). He gives meditation sessions and Wakenpath intensives where he integrates yoga, Gestalt therapy, film therapy and the hero’s journey.

He was a film professor for two decades at Escac and has shot documentaries such as Rubbersoul, the hippie trip to India or Railway to Heaven.

He specializes in Eastern philosophy, counterculture and the hero’s journey.

He has published various books such as The Hero’s Journey, Darshan, Eastern Philosophy for Everyday Life (Kairós). The desire to wander (RBA) or California dreaming (Niberta). He collaborates in media such as Cat Radio, National Geographic Travel, el Mundo deportivo or la Vanguardia.

This year, he has yet to publish Yoga, a philosophy of life (Siglantana) and Ecotopía (Anagrama).